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New Options in Cataract Surgery

Would you like to be less dependent on glasses or contacts after your cataract surgery? Thanks to advances in technology you can. Flaum Eye Institute offers many recently developed cataract surgery tools that have one goal: Reducing your dependence on glasses.

These advanced options include new “lifestyle lenses” that correct vision at wider distance ranges or reduce astigmatism, and precision corneal incisions that can also correct astigmatism.

Crystalens Toric

Arcuate incision

For each of these advanced procedures, Flaum Eye Institute uses new laser assisted technology. This can greatly reduce or replace the use of blades and ultrasound found in traditional cataract surgery. And, it can also correct astigmatism. Flaum Eye Institute is the first regional surgery center to offer this laser-assisted upgrade.

CATALYS Femtosecond Advanced Cataract Surgery Simulation

All the devices used in enhanced cataract surgery are FDA approved and have been proven scientifically to reduce dependence on glasses and contacts. Moreover, this technology may also reduce post-operative inflammation, speeding recovery time and providing better final vision.

Financing Available

Unlike traditional cataract surgery, insurers will only cover a portion of the cost of advanced technology cataract procedures. Many patients decide that the benefit of less spectacle dependence and quicker recovery is worth paying  an additional fee above what insurance covers. If this option is right for you, we also offer convenient financing programs that can be tailored to fit your budget.

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