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Flaum Eye Institute / Cataract Center / Our Cataract Surgeons

Our Cataract Surgeons

Flaum Eye Institute cataract surgeons are highly trained specialists. Each has successfully removed thousands of cataracts in our state-of-the art surgical suites. Moreover, they are a select handful of doctors who train future generations of ophthalmologists. As teachers they must be among the very best at what they do. Please call to schedule a consultation or ask your optometrist or primary care physician for a referral:

Karen Allison, M.D.

H. Ugur Celik, M.D.

Christine Coward, MD

Wen Fan Hu, M.D., Ph.D.

Janice Lee, M.D.

Scott MacRae, M.D.

Ruba Muhtaseb, M.D.

Naveen Mysore, MD, PhD, FRCS

Regina Smolyak, M.D.

Rachel Wozniak, M.D., Ph.D.

Eric Wu, M.D.