Whether you play a competitive high school or college sport or are working to achieve your personal best as an athlete, UR Medicine Fitness Science can help you improve your overall strength and physical condition.

Our evidence-based strength and conditioning training will boost your performance by providing:

  • A team of experts. Our performance team works together to customize a training program based on your needs. Including certified athletic trainers, physical therapists, dietitians, pain management specialists, and orthopaedic physicians.
  • Strength, agility, and energy system development. Performance based on your sport, goals, and personal needs to maximize your physical performance.
  • Injury preventative methods. Developing skills that are needed to reduce your chances of injury. Our training approach will strengthen your body and help you move more efficiently to prepare for your sport and prevent future injuries.
  • Measurable results. Performance assessments are provided to create a custom program and to track your progress.

Program Offerings

  • Start with a physical screening:
    Your first session includes a movement and performance evaluation by your team of experts. This in-depth evaluation will help you learn about your strengths and weaknesses, as well as ways you can improve to achieve your goals.
  • Customized program and training:
    Your team will develop a personalized workout routine based on your initial physical screening. Assessing your goals and physical capabilities in strength, power, agility, and energy system demand.
Cameron Apt

Cameron Apt

Director, Athletic Performance Services, University of Rochester Medical Center

Cameron directs the Athletic Performance program, Fitness Science, and CHAMPP, focusing on human movement principles and high-performance strategies to build better athletes.

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Appointments or questions, please call (585) 341-9200 or email FitnessScience@urmc.rochester.edu.

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