Rochester Medicine

New branding: UR Medicine Pulls Clinical Services Together

Jun. 23, 2014

You can watch several of the new UR Medicine commercials by clicking here to go to our YouTube channel.

In an effort to bring clarity, consistency, and visibility to its growing network of health care providers, the University of Rochester is introducing a new brand within the Greater Rochester region.  UR Medicine describes all of the clinical sites affiliated with the University, including hospitals, labs, physician practices, nursing homes, and outpatient treatment centers.  Previously, these locations were simply referred to as part of the University of Rochester Medical Center, or URMC.UR Medicine logo

“But consumer research shows area residents considered URMC ‘a place’ rather than a network delivering care in dozens of locations throughout the region,” says Karl Withers, chief marketing officer.  “UR Medicine speaks to the care patients experience, rather than the location where they receive it.”

The distinctive UR Medicine logo helps patients easily identify services connected to the University and its high standard of patient and family care.  The new brand was unveiled in local television spots during half-time of Super Bowl XLVIII.