Strong Kids

Anne Francis retires from Elmwood Pediatrics

Sep. 1, 2017

Over the past four decades, countless children have come under the watchful eyes of Dr. Anne Francis. Many of the ones who stayed in Rochester and had kids of their own came straight back to Elmwood Pediatrics, so that their sons and daughters could benefit from the same care they received as children.

Anne FrancisHer patients would tell you that she was born to be a pediatrician. But if not for a young Richard Chamberlain, she may not have gotten into medicine at all.

“I really liked Dr. Kildare. It was a teenage girl infatuation,” said Francis. “But that’s what started me down the road to medicine. I was given a summer job at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, and after that summer, there was no question: I was going to be a pediatrician.”

Francis recently saw her last patient at the place she’s practiced medicine for the last 41 years. But while she’ll be forever linked with Elmwood Pediatrics — where she served as the practice’s managing partner for two decades — her influence spreads well beyond its doors.

A community leader throughout Rochester, she serves as Medical Director for the Mary Cariola Children’s Center, and is leading the Advancement committee for the University of Rochester Medical Center’s Board of Directors. Throughout her career, she always made time to teach medical students and young pediatricians, formally or otherwise.

“I see her as a woman for all seasons,” said Elizabeth McAnarney, M.D., Chair Emeritus of the Department of Pediatrics. “She’s knowledgeable and cares deeply about children. And she’s someone who, when she walks into the room, you can’t help but be invigorated by her presence. She just has that effect on people.”

Nationally, she’s been active with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), where she helped lead efforts to shape practice management. She also served on committees that were instrumental in advocating for the financing of children’s vaccines, among other health services.

Golisano Children’s Hospital wishes her the best in her retirement!