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Baby boy begins eating again thanks to help from feeding program

Dec. 19, 2014

EthanEthan LeRoy was 3 months old when he started refusing food. His parents, Amanda and Luke, tried to feed him bottles but he would block his mouth with his tongue or push away the bottle.  First-time parents, the LeRoys thought Ethans already existing trouble with acid reflux could be a factor, but they didn’t think it would make their baby boy stop eating altogether.

Just two days before Halloween, on Oct. 29, 2013, Amanda and Luke called Ethans local pediatrician, Sara Dovichi, M.D., at Fairport Pediatrics, LLP, and described what was happening. Dovichi believed that Ethan could be dehydrated and told them to go to UR MedicineGolisano Childrens Hospital. It was soon after they arrived that Ethan was admitted to 4.3600 and diagnosed as “failure to thrive.”