Strong Kids

New spaces for family

Mar. 31, 2015

One of the best things about our new hospital is all the space for families. Not only are patient rooms going to be private and larger to better accommodate family members, there will also be waiting rooms, a new lobby, a hospitality suite and a resource library.

The new family waiting rooms will give parents a place to step away, sit in front of a fireplace or get some office work done. They are being designed to be home-like and relaxing so parents can recharge and get back to the hard work of helping their children get better.

The Ronald McDonald House Hospitality Suite, just off the lobby, will allow families to find respite during their stay, giving them a place to cook, do laundry, and bond with one another during a difficult time. Near the suite will be a resource library, where guardians and visitors can learn more about the illness or injury their loved ones have. A clubhouse nearby will give siblings much-needed respite and attention, too.