Strong Kids

Two stories of fun

Mar. 27, 2015

At the beginning of construction, it felt like months would go by with barely any discernible progress on the new Golisano Children's Hospital. (Especially when the work was underground!) Now, every day is turning those initial renderings into reality.

One big change this week has been the progress on the two-story play pod wall that runs from the ground floor (Imaging) to the first floor (lobby) through the new atrium. Children in the Imaging waiting room will be able to duck inside the wall, and people passing through the atrium will enjoy the fish tank embedded in it. Children in the new lobby will be able to climb up into the second story portion and look down into the atrium. It's going to be a fun distraction that children's imaginations will turn into a fort or pirate ship or wherever their creative minds take them! We're really looking forward to seeing how our first families play in this new space!

To find out how you can help with the new hospital, visit or call the Advancement Office at (585) 273-5948.