Strong Kids

"What I Learned on My Hard Hat Tour" - A poem

Oct. 30, 2014

We are often inspired by our patients, but this creative poem shows how inspiring our donors are as well...

building donor"What I Learned on My Hard Hat Tour"

I learned that when I was complaining about my child not getting enough "ice time" in a game,

Other parents were hoping for five more minutes of life for their child.

I learned that when I was grumbling about the ugly tile in my master bath, 

Another parent was walking down the hall to take a shower on the NICU floor.

I learned that when I was buying my child yet another electronic device,

Other parents were praying that their child's heart would someday beat without an electronic device.

I learned that when my breath is taken away by the sunrise or sunset,

Another parent may have just watched his or her child take one last breath. 

I learned that when I cannot wait to get home after a long day, 

Another parent may have spent their twelfth night in the hospital.

I learned that when I am anxiously awaiting my teen to come home before curfew, 

Another parent knows their child isn't coming home at all.

I learned that when I'm complaining that it's either too hot or cold, 

Another parent's child hasn't been outside in weeks. 

But, I also learned that other parents will soon have a place to lay their weary heads, to lock up their

belongings, to shower in a private room, to observe a child in a play area where children will get to feel 

the sun on their faces. 

by Laura Halleran, Building donor