Board Excellence Winner Named

Jan. 25, 2018

Chris GuerinotIn her role, Chris Guerinot, administrator for Clinical Service Activities and Special Projects, led and executed a highly successful year-long effort to celebrate EIOH’s 100 years of leadership in graduate dental education, oral science research and oral health clinical service to the community. Chris embodies the phrase, “going above and beyond.” She works tirelessly to increase recognition and communicate the impact of EIOH locally, nationally and internationally, culminating in a symposium and gala that attracted 500 individuals and alumni from around the world. Chris’ ability to manage multiple changing priorities with numerous stakeholders is truly remarkable. She continuously strives for excellence and demonstrates the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage important projects with grace and confidence. On a personal note, Chris is a caring, compassionate and extremely humble individual who’s well-respected by faculty, staff and peers alike. Her calm demeanor, intellect, steadfast focus, and attention to detail generate superior outcomes—all without ever looking for accolades. Overall, Chris possesses a high-quality distinction, an unwavering dedication and standard of excellence, making her the ideal candidate for a Board Excellence Award.