Brilliant! Wilmot Researcher Makes Popular Science Magazine's List of Game Changers

Sep. 20, 2021

Popular Science magazine has named Michael Giacomelli, Ph.D., a member of the Wilmot Cancer Institute, to its “Brilliant 10” list for 2021.

The early-career biomedical engineer, who invented a novel imaging device, joins the magazine’s lineup of the most innovative and creative minds of the year.

Wilmot recruited Giacomelli in 2018 from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as part of a strategic effort to bring in top talent from top institutions. He is a member of Wilmot’s Cancer Microenvironment research program, and was featured in 2020 in a Dialogue magazine story about the recruits.

Giacomelli is studying medical applications for his portable, high-tech imaging machine, which can be rolled on a cart into an operating room so that surgeons can quickly detect whether biopsied tissue is cancerous, and whether cancer cells remain in the margins around the tumor. His current work focuses on skin cancer.

The magazine compiles its list after reviewing hundreds of candidates from a wide range of disciplines in science and engineering.   

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