Patient Care

Celebrating How UR Medicine Changes Lives Here, Around the World

Feb. 10, 2023

The thrilling first steps following a devastating injury. A child’s laughter while overcoming a life-threatening virus. The sound of a new heart beating in a young woman’s chest.

Those unforgettable moments illustrate how UR Medicine innovation, exploration, and compassion change lives and improve medical care, here and across the globe.

A new, local commercial, premiering during the Super Bowl, is part of a multimedia campaign highlighting the impact of UR Medicine clinicians, scientists, and educators. It aims to build community pride and illustrate the mission of UR Medicine to support employee recruitment and retention. It is called Advances Happen Here.

“I am proud to lead an institution where thousands of talented people work hard every day to improve the lives of patients and communities,” said Mark T. Taubman, MD, CEO of the University of Rochester Medical Center and Dean of the School of Medicine and Dentistry. “Through innovations in research, education, and clinical care, our teams have improved health outcomes and developed new treatments for some of the world’s most challenging diseases.

“Highlighting some of these remarkable advancements is a way of thanking staff, patients, and the community for supporting URMC and our UR Medicine affiliates,” Taubman said. “Opening this campaign during the Super Bowl is a cost-effective way to share our positive message with an enormous audience across the Finger Lakes region.”

For nearly a century, UR Medicine has been advancing medicine:

  • Cardiologists revolutionized the treatment of heart disease worldwide by showing that an implantable cardiac defibrillator significantly reduces death rates;

  • URMC scientists provided area residents the first FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccine during one of the earliest clinical trials conducted right here in Rochester;

  • UR Medicine is strengthening Orthopaedic care with construction of a huge new campus, equipped with next-generation technology, to bring ambulatory surgery and other outpatient services together at Marketplace Mall;

  • People with cancer are successfully coping with care because the Wilmot Cancer Center is home to the nation’s leading program aimed at helping ease the side effects of cancer treatment; and  

  • UR Medicine is among the first in the country to use an “emergency room on wheels” to rush a dedicated neuromedicine team to someone suspected of experiencing a stroke.

Taubman said many employees find that the mission of advancing human health is a gratifying reason to work at URMC and its affiliates, creating an attractive culture where people look to aim higher.

The 60-second commercial – which airs only in the Rochester area – features dozens of dedicated staff, from a variety of clinical, laboratory, and education settings, providing compassionate care, searching for cures, and educating tomorrow’s doctors, nurses, and scientists. It will air near the end of the second quarter of the Super Bowl on Fox Rochester.

An Advances Happen Here website shares inspiring ways we are moving medicine forward. These stories will be featured over the next several months. See them at: UR Medicine on Facebook, @UR_Med on Twitter, and @urochestermedicine on Instagram.