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Collaborative Effort Results in Heart Failure Book

Jul. 19, 2009

A group of 38 University of Rochester Medical Center faculty and staff members primarily from the departments of Internal Medicine, Surgery, Psychiatry, Pharmacy and Community and Preventive Medicine have accomplished a major collaborative feat. They collaborated to publish a book for health care providers titled “Manual of Heart Failure Management.”

The project was led by editors John D. Bisognano, M.D., Ph.D., associate professor of Medicine/Cardiology and director of Outpatient Cardiology, Mary Beth Earley, CCRN, NC-P, senior nurse practitioner in the Program in Heart Failure and Transplantation, and Marc L. Baker, M.D. Ph.D., a fellow in the Division of Cardiology. 

Contributing faculty include:

Mehmet Aktas, M.D.

Jeffrey Alexis, M.D.

G. Ronald Beck,  ANP M.S.

Burns Blaxall, Ph.D.

Robert Block, M.D., MPH

Leway Chen, M.D., MPH

Joseph  Delehanty, M.D.

Jennifer Falvey,  PharmD

Michael Fong, M.D.

George Hicks Jr., M.D.

Laurie Kopin, M.S., ANP

H. Todd Massey, M.D.

Mark Nickels, M.D.

Lisa Norsen, Ph.D.

Aaron Olden, M.D.

Timothy Quill, M.D.

Jill Quinn, Ph.D.

Spencer Rosero, M.D.

Eugene Storozynsky, M.D. Ph.D.

J. Chad Teeters, M.D.

Gladys Velarde, M.D.