EIOH Expands International Partnerships

Jun. 17, 2014

Eastman Institute for Oral Health is expanding its global impact through new partnerships with Universities in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to establish an advanced general dentistry faculty development and training program.

Malmstrom Eliav Saudi DocsTwo dentists from both Kuwait University and Dammam University will travel to Rochester and participate in a four to five- year program which requires 1) completing the two-year Advanced Education in General Dentistry program, 2) earning a Master of Science or Master of Public Health degree, 3) passing the American Board of General Dentistry exam and 4) engaging in at least two years of part-time teaching. Participants will also be enrolled in graduate courses in education at the Warner School of Education.

“We’re very excited about this unique program to educate the future educators,” said Hans Malmstrom, DDS, professor and chair, General Dentistry and AEGD program director. “This initiative fits perfectly with our mission for faculty development and training in clinical-translational research, clinical care and teaching. It also fits their need for highly trained faculty to accommodate the several dental schools they are opening in both countries.”

Serious discussions began a couple years ago when visitors from Kuwait University visited EIOH to learn more about the AEGD program and a master’s degree to prepare them for an academic career.

Shortly thereafter, Malmstrom was invited to lecture at Dammam University in neighboring Saudi Arabia about esthetic and implant dentistry, where he had the opportunity to discuss the possibility of this program with the administration there. Like Kuwait University, the School of Dentistry at the University of Dammam is expanding and also has an increasing need for qualified faculty members.

“There are numerous mutual benefits for establishing a closer collaboration with our colleagues in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia,” said EIOH Director Eli Eliav, DMD, PhD, who plans to establish similar partnerships with other international universities. “Unlike traditional study abroad programs, our curriculum will include significant training in clinical and didactic teaching, both through coursework and practice. Trainees will also get substantial involvement in research including clinical trials, teaching and practicing dentistry. The result will be comprehensive preparation for a successful career in academia.”