EIOH Faculty Feature: Dr. Dongxia Ye

Oct. 18, 2022

Meet EIOH Assistant Professor Dongxia Ye, BDS, PhD (GPR '22), who is originally from Shanghai, China. She describes herself as appreciative, dedicated and honest. 

portrait of Dr. Ye
Dr. Dongxia Ye, EIOH Assistant Professor

Q. What age did you know you wanted to be a dentist?
A.  I did not know much about dentistry when I enrolled in dental school. Only after becoming a dentist did I appreciate that dentistry is not only treating patients, but also helping people to relieve suffering and smile better. 

Q. Most embarrassing moment?
A.  It was an oral presentation moment at an IADR conference in Boston.  I could not understand the questions the audience asked. That was so embarrassing, because my English speaking and listening were pretty poor. But what made me feel worse was the session chairs were well-known international gurus of my presentation topic. It seemed like the end of the world.  

Q. What do you love about Rochester area?
A. The University campus. It lets me feel good being a student again.   

Q. Why do you enjoy teaching?
A.  Inherently, it may be because of my father. He had been a prominent teacher for more than 30 years. Personally, I think teaching is transferring the knowledge that I learned earlier to who may need it after me. I enjoy the time when people get the knowledge they need. Teaching also enhances my learning. 

Q. Your favorite thing about EIOH?


A.  The people. The faculty, residents and staff who are passionate about teaching.  

Q. You’re having a bad day – what do you do to feel better?
A. Eat more chips and watch TV or a movie. Each crisp sound of the chips releases the stress or frustration I had.   

Q. Why do you like research?
A. Research helps me understand the essence in the back of phenomenon. Passion is most important for research. When doing cell culture, I thought the cells as my “boy-friend” because I had to treat them well and check them every day. Otherwise, contamination might happen.  

Q. What did you like about your EIOH training? 
A. That I could learn as much as possible because everyone is willing to teach me. 

Q. Favorite place in Rochester?
A.  Town of Pittsford, because there is the Erie canal, Pittsford Farm Dairy, Library, seasonal events, etc.