From Dental Assistant to Chief Resident

Jun. 22, 2021
EIOH Graduating Resident
Dr. Diaz Picardo
Dr. Yailin Diaz Picardo (Perio '21)

Dr. Yailin Diaz Pichardo’s love for periodontology began during a preceptorship during dental school. She always had an interest in research and was able to participate in several scientific projects, and getting published in the Cuban Journal of Dentistry and one in the Argentinean Journal of Periodontology. After graduating with honors from the University of Medical Sciences of Camaguey, she was recruited to work for the Cuban Medical Mission “Barrio Adentro” in Venezuela, where she exchanged education and techniques with dentists there, engaged in community service, lectured at the Latin American School of Medicine and tutored a dental assistant.

She moved to the United States in 2016, and while studying for the Boards, began looking for work. She accepted a position as a dental assistant in EIOH’s Periodontics Department, which, she said helped give her a firm foundation in the specialty. After passing her Boards, she started applying to different Perio programs but already a part of the Eastman Family, her first choice was Eastman.

“I was the happiest person when I received a phone call from Dr. Caton to inform me that I was accepted to start the Perio Program,” she recalled.

Where are you from?

Why did you choose EIOH?
EIOH is a great and prestigious institution. EIOH is a diverse and cooperative environment with excellent and knowledgeable faculty.

Any thoughts about your residency occurring during the historical Covid pandemic?
Covid-19 pandemic was a big challenge for everyone. As a resident, I tried to be compliant with all the rules implemented to keep us safe. It was an outstanding experience to be able to help people with dental emergencies. 

Favorite memory?
The good times with my co-residents. 

Favorite/Least Favorite thing about Rochester?
My favorite thing about Rochester is the Lilac Festival. I love the beautiful flowers, the live music, and the food. My least favorite

The Rochester Lilac Festival is a favorite attraction for many visitors.

thing is the gloomy days. I love the sunshine and the blue skies. 

Did the EIOH experience make a better you?
I had the opportunity to interact with people from different countries and backgrounds and learn their traditions and culture while I shared mine. I attended seminars, conferences, courses that enriched my knowledge. In addition, I have had the opportunity to learn from knowledgeable faculty. I learned how to teach through instructional design classes and as a Resident Instructor for AEGD and GPR. I was nominated by the periodontics faculty to be the Chief Resident, which enriched my leadership experience. 

Many alumni said their experience at EIOH was life changing. You?
My experience here was definitely life-changing. My journey at Eastman gave me all the tools to be an excellent professional and continue doing what I enjoy the most, to help people. 

What are your plans/next steps upon graduation?
I am moving to Virginia, where I will work in a private practice with an EIOH Perio Alum Dr. Ryan Anderson. 

What will you miss the most?
The people!