How Covid Enhanced Chelsea Mann's EIOH Residency

Jun. 8, 2021
EIOH Resident Feature
Dr. Chelsea Manns (GPR '21)
Dr. Chelsea Manns (GPR '21)

Dr. Chelsea Manns (GPR ’21) was worried the pandemic would prevent her from getting a lot of clinical experience. But because EIOH stayed open, she says her training was not hindered, but rather enhanced, as she learned how to manage and treat patients during these difficult times. As a result, the Delaware County, Pennsylvania native said her residency was full and life changing in many ways. She completes her program in a few weeks.

Why did you choose EIOH?
EIOH is recognized as a leader in not only research, but in healthcare and community health and I wanted to do my residency in a place where I could not only learn and grow but give back to the community in a meaningful way.

Any thoughts about your residency occurring during the historical Covid pandemic?
Because EIOH remained open through the whole pandemic and has continued to provide quality care to new and old patients alike and because of this dedication to their patients, I was able to experience my residency in full.

Best memory?
It is hard to pick a best memory because every time I have helped a patient, it has been an amazing experience. If I had to pick one, it would be working with a colleague and a periodontal resident to place some implants. We had a lot of fun working together for this patient. It was an extensive case that took a lot of time and hard work from multiple parties to get to that point, but we all worked together and finally saw it brought into fruition and it was a wonderful moment.

Favorite/Least Favorite Thing about Rochester?
My least favorite thing about Rochester is the cloudy days, I feel like the sun is always hiding from me. My favorite thing about Rochester (besides my new found love of garbage plates) is the beautiful nature. Highland Park is beautiful, even during the winter!

Did the EIOH Experience Make a Better You?
The GPR program has us working with all the specialties of EIOH, we have attendings with various backgrounds and specialties who are willing to offer their advice and help with procedures. Because of that, I was able to see and experience every aspect of dentistry which made me a better general dentist. I was also able to work with patients with complex medical needs at the hospital and the Specialty Care Clinic which has equipped me to work with a whole new population that I would have never worked with before and would have otherwise referred.

Many EIOH Alumni Say Their EIOH Experience was Life-changing. You?
It has been life changing--the friendships I have formed with my co-workers and colleagues have been wonderful, they are a support system and they have encouraged me to always reach higher and go further. The patients I was able to treat have also changed my life, it re-affirmed my love of dentistry and the joy this works brings.

What are Your Plans upon Graduation?
I am still deciding but there are a lot of possibilities and offers thanks to my work at EIOH!​