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New urology clinic extends standard of care, serves more patients in the region

Dec. 1, 2023

More patients in the Finger Lakes and upstate New York region have access to the University of Rochester Medical Center Department of Urology’s outstanding standard of care, with a new clinic in Canandaigua, New York.

Serving as a gateway for URMC’s regional urology practice, the clinic is housed in a 12,000 sqare foot state-of-the-art facility with more advanced equipment and more space for patient care and a more efficient layout for provider workflow. URMC also increased the number of providers, including physicians and advanced practice providers (APPs).

“We had an office in Canandaigua before, but we decided to expand to be able to serve a greater number of people,” said URMC Department of Urology Chair Jean Joseph, MD. “Through our partnership with Thompson Health affiliate, we are giving more patients access to a full procedural suite so they can get the best possible urological care closer to where they live.”

According to Kurt Koczent, RN, FACHE, COO of UR Medicine Thompson Health, the new facility meets the increasing demand for urological services. “In our area, we used to have a few urologists serving a primary care network composed of 25,000 patient visits. Today, with continued population growth, we have a primary care network encompassing 160,000 visits. The demand is going up, and this new state-of-the-art facility is helping to meet that demand.”

“Dr. Joseph, the Department of Urology and URMC have embraced this community, and the Department’s urologists have chosen to work here to serve our network of patients,” Koczent added.

New, on-site services for streamlined care

Through the new facility, patients have access to a range of services, closer to home and through a faster process. These range from diagnostics to ultrasound and will also include equipment to perform MRI/Ultrasound fusion-guided prostate biopsies. Expanded procedure rooms – doubled in size – enable more on-site procedures, such as cystoscopies, vasectomies, bladder Botox therapy and prostate biopsies.

Joy Grow, BNS, RN, nurse manager, URMC Department of Urology, stated that the more advanced equipment and expanded procedure rooms enable the clinic to provide a well-rounded practice for men’s urological health, covering low testosterone and erectile dysfunction. “We have a team of nurses and providers working together to make sure patient needs are met, with the right care and support.”

Lu Diane MD 300print
Diane Lu, MD

“Many patients had up to an hour commute to be seen by a urologist in Rochester, which was a barrier to obtaining care. Our new facility makes it much more convenient for our patients,” said Diane D. Lu, MD, assistant professor of clinical urology, URMC Department of Urology.

Lu added that the facility’s more efficient workflow fosters a multi-disciplinary community of care. “I can go across the hall to discuss a patient’s care and review imaging with a colleague in person, rather than remotely.”

Patients also benefit from increased access to the Department of Urology’s leadership in clinical trials and its expertise in research as one of the most active urologic research centers in Upstate New York.

A better patient experience

“Quite simply, this facility provides a better overall patient experience,” Koczent stated. “By giving patients access to a fully equipped clinic closer to where they live, along with the ability to communicate back and forth with their urologist through eRecord, we are greatly streamlining the process of care.”