Patient Care

Pluta Cancer Center Now Part of URMC

Dec. 28, 2012
Pluta’s location, emphasis on personalized care to remain the same

A process that began several months ago culminated today as the Pluta Cancer Center legally transferred its programs and services to the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC). Operationally, patients will see few changes as the Pluta location and staff remains unchanged. Since signing a memorandum of understanding in July, officials from both organizations have worked through the many details necessary to complete the process and have secured all of the required regulatory approvals, including those from the New York State Attorney General and the State Supreme Court.

 “Both URMC and Pluta are widely recognized for providing high quality care, yet both have distinct strengths that will dovetail nicely and further elevate the standard of care we provide,” said URMC CEO Bradford C. Berk, M.D., Ph.D. “Over the last several years, URMC has placed great emphasis on our model of patient-centered care, and this is an area in which Pluta has excelled. In turn, the Wilmot Cancer Center at URMC can provide Pluta patients with easier access to state of the art research and promising clinical trials.  This is a terrific example of leveraging the strengths of two outstanding providers to better serve cancer patients in our community.”

“This is truly an exciting development for cancer patients in the greater Rochester region as it combines and expands resources in a manner that will have a very positive impact on care,” said Jonathan F. Friedberg, M.D., MM.Sc., acting director of URMC’s James P. Wilmot Cancer Center.   “Our commitment is to work with Pluta Cancer Center physicians, nurses, radiation therapists and staff to ensure that their patients continue to receive the high quality care and exceptional service that has long been Pluta’s hallmark.”

“We’re delighted to become part of the URMC family” said Kelly McCormick-Sullivan, Pluta Cancer Center president and CEO.  “The transition will be almost seamless and invisible to our patients as they will continue to receive care from the same physicians, nurses and radiation therapists at Pluta, yet benefit from the unique strengths of the Wilmot Cancer Center clinical and research programs.”

Physicians and staff at the Pluta Cancer Center now become employees of the University of Rochester, and Pluta physicians Jan Dombrowski, M.D., Sandra McDonald, M.D., Marcia Krebs, M.D., and Brian Yirinec, M.D., become faculty of the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry.