Public Flu Clinics Continue But Without Pediatric Vaccinations for Now

Oct. 7, 2009

The University of Rochester School of Nursing Flu Immunization Program, which began its public flu clinics in September, features more opportunities this month for adults to protect themselves against seasonal influenza. Unfortunately, due to a shortage of the pediatric vaccine, the clinics will only be able to accommodate those 18 and older.

“Historically, we’ve been able to administer vaccine to that younger age group as needed,” said Bill Russell, R.N., M.S., director of the University’s Flu Immunization Program. “But given the delays in production of the pediatric vaccine this year and the increased demand that we’ve seen at our public clinics, we have used up our available vaccine. As soon as we receive more, we will resume pediatric vaccinations.”

Russell recommends parents check with their pediatricians as to availability.

Adults are encouraged to get their seasonal flu shots as soon as possible. This is especially true for people age 50 and over and those with a greater risk of complications from the flu, including pregnant women and adults with certain medical conditions such as asthma, heart disease or diabetes.

The Centers for Disease Control also recommends the seasonal vaccine for those in the H1N1 high-risk groups. While a vaccine against novel H1N1 is starting to be distributed nationwide, it will not be available at these University of Rochester clinics.

Most major insurance plans cover the cost of receiving a flu shot; insurance ID cards are necessary for proof of insurance. Otherwise, there is a $30 fee for the seasonal flu injection.

A list of all public clinics, along with detailed information on the seasonal flu, can be obtained at or by calling (585) 275-4816