Dr. Linda Rasubala Recognized for Outstanding Leadership

Nov. 30, 2023

“Dr. Rasubala has an amazing ability to lead and manage diverse teams of learners, peers and other leaders with ease and finesse.”

Portrait of Dr. Linda Rasubala
Dr. Linda Rasubala

That’s what Andrea Berry, the executive director of Faculty Life at University of Central Florida College of Medicine, said about Linda Rasubala, DDS, PhD, MSHPE (GenDen ’12, GPR ‘13), the only dentist accepted into and completed the 2022 Association of American Medical Colleges’ Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Certificate Program.

“While she comes across as unassuming, it became very clear to me that she was one of the most powerful team members in our group based on her ability to help others think through challenges with logic and inspire all of us to improve as leaders,” added Ms. Berry, who served as a national faculty coach for Dr. Rasubala throughout the year-long program.

The LEAD Certificate Program develops educational leaders in medical and dental education through evidence based, collaborative learning, and reflective practice. The program is targeted for early to mid-career faculty and focuses on strategic vision and setting direction, developing people and organizations, and effective management.

For the last 10 years, Dr. Rasubala has worked diligently at Eastman Institute for Oral Health as an educator, researcher and clinician. She currently serves as an associate professor and associate director of the Howitt Urgent Dental Care Center at Eastman Institute for Oral Health, part of the University of Rochester Medical Center.

“Dr. Rasubala has been recognized over the years for her talent in clinical education, patient advocacy, and her commitment to the residents she mentors,” said Eli Eliav, DMD, PhD, professor and director of

Portrait shot of Dr. Eliav
Dr. Eli Eliav, Eastman Institute for Oral Health Director

EIOH. “As a result of her progressive leadership, she’s developed a dedicated team, secured significant funding, and provides outstanding education and patient care in one of our busiest clinics.”

The LEAD program provides theory and evidence-based learning to strengthen participants’ educational leadership, a professional learning community, practice for enhancing one’s leadership style and practices, as well as help facilitating advancement into meaningful leadership.

Dr. Rasubala’s LEAD project was the co-design and implementation of a Dental Faculty Development Center curriculum, a two-year program of the Health Resources Services Administration and Eastman Institute for Oral Health. The curriculum, which is continually monitored and assessed, will be disseminated to other dental institutions nationwide. Dr. Rasubala was able to incorporate elements and leadership concepts she learned and to help facilitate the dental faculty fellows’ professional growth and development.

The three women standing together looking at camera
Dr. Rasubala with her coaches Ms. Andrea Berry (l) and Dr. Janine Shapiro

“I was able to build positive relationships, foster communication, increase team accountability, and address challenges more effectively,” Dr. Rasubala said. “My time with my coaches was incredibly beneficial and enlightening. Their valuable insight and constructive feedback throughout the project have allowed me to develop and refine my leadership skills and I will continue to tap into what I learned as I move forward.”

“As an AAMC LEAD Faculty Coach and Dr. Rasubala's local coach for her LEAD program, I had the opportunity to work closely with Dr. Rasubala and observe how she built transformational leadership skills to help lead change, develop others, and foster an effective work and learning environment at Eastman Institute for Oral Health,” said Janine Shapiro, MD, URMC’s associate dean for Faculty Development and medical director for Continuing Medical Education. “Dr. Rasubala is a highly dedicated faculty and leader who puts what she learns into practice for the benefit of all.” 

“Linda is a true model of what we love to see as a result of the AAMC LEAD program and it was a genuine honor to learn with and from Dr. Rasubala,” Ms. Berry said. “Her unwavering commitment to the University of Rochester, visionary leadership style, and compassion will serve her well as she continues to grow and assume even greater responsibility.”

Because of her successful completion of the LEAD program, Dr. Rasubala was offered the URMC Senior

Dr. Rasubala's Certificate of Completion

Leader in Education and Development (SLED) and URMC Valor Leadership and Coaching Program to continue strengthening her existing skills and to acquire new and valuable skills and insights. 

The URMC SLED two-year program was designed to address complex and emerging challenges and the demands for healthcare transformation. Leaders need innovative approaches to shape the future of healthcare, medical education, and research. The program aims to develop senior leaders in academic medicine through evidence-based, collaborative learning and reflective practice, and to guide participants in being transformational leaders.