Resident Feature Dr. Rhadika Thakkar

Nov. 18, 2022
Dr. Thakkar standing outside Eastman Institute
Dr. Thakkar has wanted to be a dentist since the 5th grade.

For Dr. Radhika Thakkar, the best part of her EIOH experience has been meeting people from all across the world, who inspire her.

Q. Where are you from?
A. India 

Q. When do you know you wanted to become dentist?

A. When I was in 5th grade

When I think back, I had pain in my tooth and I asked my father who is a general physician to help fix it. However, I was surprised when he said that he can’t fix my cavity. He explained that it takes special kind of Doctor called a dentist to fix teeth. After we met the dentist, I just told my father that I want to become special doctor for teeth. All I wanted was to do something special to make my father proud.

Dr. Thakkar seated wearing scrubs
Dr. Thakkar says her time at EIOH has been an incredible learning experience.

Q. Why did you pick EIOH?

A. EIOH provides incredible learning experience where we learn from faculty as well as co-residents. In addition to clinical experience EIOH gives lots of research opportunities.

Q. Favorite places in Rochester?

A. Parks: Highland Park for the Lilac Festival, Hamlin Beach State Park in the summer, Bristol Mountain in the fall and winter. I enjoy Trata , Distillery, Radio Social Bowling and Casa Larga Winery to hang out.