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Resident Spotlight - Dr. Sergio Trevino De Lascurain

May. 31, 2019

Sergio Trevino de Lascurain, of Mexico City, reflects on his journey before graduating next month from Eastman's two–year AEGD program.  

His grandfather, Roman de Lascurain, was a pioneer of dentistry in Latin America throughout the 1950s and 1960s. He was the founding president of the Asociación Dental Mexicana and a professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the top dentistry school in Latin America. He forged an international partnership with the University of Southern California’s Sergio and his grandfather at same ageSchool of Dentistry to help further pursue academic research across borders.

Sergio inherited his grandfather’s passion for dentistry, and soon discovered what a tough professor he was on his first day of college. One of his professors glared at him and said “of course you are a de Lascurain, you look exactly like Romansito!”

Graduating from the DDS program at Universidad Tecnologica de Mexico (UNITEC), and an Advanced Endodontic Program at UNAM, he worked as a teaching assistant before becoming a professor of Dental Anatomy and later Clinical and Theoretical Endodontics.

Later he taught qualified dentists and students alike how to perform root canal therapy with the most modern equipment available.

“Professionally my life was perfect, but Mexico wasn’t,” he said. “I was worried about my family and I wanted to have a better quality of life for all of us.”

After gaining legal residency in the U.S., he moved to Orlando, Florida in early 2016, and worked as a dental assistant for a large chain of dental clinics. “I was able to learn a completely new dental system, and about new materials, techniques and software.”

“I love dentistry more than anything, and it is a dream come true to have the chance to study in America,” Sergio said. “I want to provide a wonderful life for my wife, dog and future children. If I can do that as a dentist in the United States, I will have accomplished more than I could ever dream.”

Why did you choose Eastman for your residency?

One of my friends and colleagues did their Prostho program here and strongly recommended it.

Did the Eastman experience make you a better dentist? 

Oh yeah! I have learned so much about general dentistry and patient management.

What would you say are the top benefits of a residency at Eastman?

Personally, you interact with people with different cultures and countries. Some residents are specialized in different areas of dentistry and you learn from them a lot.

Sergio, his wife and dogWhat’s the one thing about Rochester you love?  Dislike?

I love the culture and the nature. I disliked the icy roads, they are dangerous!

What are next steps after you graduate?

I am moving to Celebration, Florida near Orlando with my wife and dog, and will join a private practice there.

Anything else you want to add?

Thank you! Being at Eastman Dental has been the best experience of my life. I will miss all the amazing people here.