Rose Welsher Wins Coveted Award

Jan. 15, 2014

Rose WelsherIn the constantly changing, complex and sometimes frustrating world of dental and medical billing, Rose Welsher is a breath of fresh air.

Since Rose became Senior Administrator for the Eastman Institute for Oral Health’s Central Billing Office more than five years ago, she has orchestrated major changes that have improved operations, advanced the bottom line, and greatly enhanced morale among her staff of 17 people.

These accomplishments have landed her this year’s University of Rochester Medical Center’s Board Excellence Award, given each year to just a handful of the medical center’s top performers who consistently go above and beyond.
Equipped with more than 20 years experience in medical billing, Rose established effective lines of communication between internal and external customers when navigating through complex billing issues, resulting in smooth interactions between clinical departments, other University divisions, and insurance companies.

She also initiated and led an effort to improve communication internally, which has led to many positive changes within the Eastman Dental clinics. Rose created and presented pertinent documentation to the residents in a manner that ensured their understanding and improved compliance with billing regulatory guidelines.

Always looking for opportunities to save time, eliminate duplication and increase efficiency, Rose believes that goal setting and measurement lead to continuous improvement. With the roll-out of electronic health record, she has overseen time-saving, positive changes to every aspect of the business, like re-vamping the patient statement processes, incorporating changes to help front desk staff with the collection process, and introducing electronic billing for private dental payors.

Her enthusiasm and ability to motivate people are truly remarkable. Her loyal staff, who greatly appreciate her open door policy, describe her as very knowledgeable, resourceful, fair, and easy to talk to.  When she doesn’t have the immediate answer to a problem or question, she will always get it.  They say she doesn’t play favorites and will always listen and consider new ideas from staff.

Rose’s strong leadership promotes mutual respect and compassion for her staff’s lives outside work. She enjoys mentoring and helping develop the leadership skills of her team, whom she credits for her own success. Her infectious laugh, easy-going spirit or one of her famous stories make the atmosphere in the office enjoyable.

One employee said, “If you have a problem you can always go to her. If you don’t understand something she will go over it with you until you get it.”

“She’s good at reminding me that not everyone works the same and that you sometimes need to handle things differently between staff members,” said another staff member.

Others appreciate that Rose, who always does something fun at the end of every team meeting, gets involved in their work, so she understands their jobs and can do it herself if needed. Having this knowledge, Rose says, not only makes her a better leader, but also allows her to see how processes can be improved along the way.

Rose Welsher’s unwavering commitment to dentistry and excellence, with her strong leadership and work ethic, customer service, warmth and compassion, make her the ideal recipient for this distinguished award.