Thomas L. Campbell Honored as a Community Champion

Oct. 19, 2011

Thomas L. Campbell, M.D., will be recognized this afternoon as a Community Champion at the Anthony L. Jordan Foundation’s fourth annual Patients First Luncheon. The event will begin at noon at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center.

Campbell, the William Rocktaschel Professor and chair of the URMC Department of Family Medicine, and a professor in the Department of Psychiatry, is one of seven Community Champions to be honored for their support in diagnosing and treating our community's medically underserved.

Campbell strongly supported the recent Anthony L. Jordan Health Center-Westside Health Service transition to offer services under the Jordan name, encouraging faculty commitment and delivering a URMC residency program to train new doctors.

“His gift for calm and his understanding and empathy for families was often our light at the end of a rugged tunnel filled with obstacles over which many people would have stumbled, fallen, and quit moving forward,” said Bridgette A. Wiefling, M.D., CEO of the Anthony L. Jordan Health Center. “His keen perception of the family’s impact on health care outcomes encouraged us to keep going to achieve the greatest possible good for our community today and for decades to come.”

Wallace E. Johnson, M.D., director of the URMC Center for Primary Care, added, “Tom has for decades been a champion for improving health care access for vulnerable and underserved individuals. The Rochester community is blessed to have him.”

The Anthony L. Jordan Health Center is a not-for-profit comprehensive primary care center in Rochester, widely recognized for being one of the first true community health centers in the country. In addition to providing high-quality health care, its mission mandates wellness promotion and neighborhood outreach. The health center provides numerous programs and services in conjunction with the University of Rochester Medical Center and its hospitals, Strong Memorial and Highland.