Arthritis and Joint Replacement

Our Approach

UR Medicine's Orthopaedics & Physical Performance joint centers are part of an Academic Medical Center. As a result, we have rigorous standards in place to ensure that your patients receive care of the highest quality.

UR Medicine's Orthopaedics & Physical Performance provides diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation for individuals with degenerative and inflammatory bone disease and bone injuries or deformities. Patients with joint problems requiring surgery are treated at the region's premier centers for total joint care, The Evarts Joint Center and Thompson Health. The centers combine the expertise and technological resources of the University of Rochester Medical Center and some of the country's top orthopaedists. Our mission is to help joint patients live with greater mobility and independence, and to promote scientific advancements in the field.

Every Expert You'll Need

UR Medicine Orthopaedics & Physical Performance provides the area's most complete range of experts for joint replacement patients. These doctors, nurses, technicians, and other specialists work exclusively with joint replacement patients.

Orthopaedic Surgeons. Our surgeons specialize in joint replacements and are knowledgeable in the latest research, surgical techniques and implant technology.

Geriatrics. Our geriatricians co-manage medically complex cases in the elderly. The geriatrics program at Highland Hospital is ranked among the best in the nation.

Hip Arthroscopy. We are the only joint center in the area with an expert in hip arthroscopy, a less-invasive approach that is ideal for many younger, active patients.

Nursing. Our nurses specialize in the care of joint patients, so they are attuned to your patient's needs. They are especially knowledgeable in the unique requirements of the elderly.

Rheumatology. We offer the area's top specialists in rheumatology for cases involving arthritis, rheumatism or other musculoskeletal conditions.

Physical and Occupational Therapy. Our therapists provide your patients with personalized rehab plans, helping them graduate to full recovery at home or at another facility.

Case Management. Our dedicated social workers and case managers help coordinate a smooth transition to post-operative rehab.

Less invasive approaches for younger patients. The Evarts Joint Center is the only area center that offers hip arthroscopy, a less invasive approach to treating joint pain. Hip arthroscopy is an outpatient procedure that removes bone spurs which are causing hip pain. Patients return home the same day and go back to most normal activities within weeks. The Evarts Joint Center is also highly experienced in hip resurfacing, an alternative that preserves more bone and is often a better option for younger or more active patients.

The region's only Hip and Knee Arthritis Clinic. The Hip and Knee Arthritis Clinic is the only center of its kind in the region. Our clinic focuses exclusively on hip and knee arthritis, providing the very latest non-surgical approaches for reducing arthritic pain. The Hip and Knee Arthritis Clinic helps ensure that patients get the help they need quickly. Your patients will be seen by a doctor on their very first visit. Appointments are typically available in less than a week. For an appointment at the Hip and Knee Arthritis Clinic, please call 585-275-5321.


When you have recovered from surgery and you're ready to start rehabilitation, you needn't go far—your physical therapy can begin at your bedside. You'll continue both physical and occupational therapy just down the hall from your room. Read more about rehabilitation.

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