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Hip Replacement

UR Medicine's Orthopaedics & Physical Performance offers many non-surgical solutions to hip pain, some patients may still need a hip replacement. If this is the case, we have a team of experts for both posterior and anterior approaches to hip replacement.

We are the only team in the area to offer the anterior approach, a new approach to minimally invasive hip replacement. The anterior approach uses smaller incisions and affects fewer muscles, allowing for a faster recovery and no restrictions after surgery.

Hip Replacement may provide the greatest hope for ending your pain from arthritis or injury and restoring mobility. There are four main parts to the prosthetic hip. Your surgeon will select the parts that are best for you. They include: a cup-shaped device that replaces your hip socket, a liner that fits in the cup, a ball that replaces the head of your thigh bone, and a stem that fits inside your thigh bone for stability. These different parts are made from a variety of materials including titanium, metal alloys, high grade plastics, or ceramics.


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