Orthopaedic Trauma

What is a Level 1 Trauma Center?

A Level 1 Trauma Center can provide total care for every aspect of an injury—from prevention to rehabilitation. UR Medicine has the only full-service Level 1 trauma facility in the nine-county area.

At UR Medicine, the Kessler Trauma Center has been designated as Level 1 because we have all of these features, as defined by the American College of Surgeons' Committee on Trauma:

  • 24-hour, in-house coverage by general surgeons
  • Prompt availability of specialties:
    • Orthopaedics
    • Neurosurgery
    • Anesthesiology
    • Emergency medicine
    • Radiology
    • Internal medicine
    • Critical care
    • Cardiac medicine
    • Pediatric medicine
    • Microvascular surgery
    • Hemodialysis
  • Leadership in prevention and public education
  • Continuing education of the trauma team members
  • Continued improvement through a comprehensive quality assessment program
  • Organized research effort to help direct new innovations in trauma care

UR Medicine's Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Trauma facilities go beyond the requirements for a Level 1 Trauma Center. Our surgeons work in operating rooms specially designed to accommodate patients with complex and multiple injuries. They routinely perform complex reconstructions, both on patients at the time of their accident and on post-traumatic conditions like non-unions, mal-unions, and infections.

Medicine of the Highest Order

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