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Pediatrics / Neonatology Division / Simulation Program / Emergency Obstetric & Neonatal In Situ Team Training

Emergency, Obstetric & Neonatal In Situ Team Training


Emergency medicine, obstetric and neonatal teams participate in high-fidelity simulations to improve patient care, teamwork and communication skills during emergent high-risk deliveries that occur in the Emergency Department.


University of Rochester emergency medicine, obstetric and pediatric physicians, APPs, nurses, respiratory therapists, PCTs and secretaries

Learning Objectives

  • Identify systems-based latent safety threats that affect team function, patient care and patient safety
  • Communicate vital information about the mother and infant before, during and after delivery
  • Stabilize the mother and infant per AHA and NRP guidelines


Please contact the Course Directors for dates.

Courses occur throughout the year.


Emergency Department

Course Directors

Emergency Medicine: Monica Seaman, MS, RN; Jaclyn Wilmarth, MS, RN, CPPS

Obstetrics: Christine Arnold, MS, RN; Bonnie Walden, MS, RN