• Cytotoxic Synapse

    Cytotoxic Synapse

    Lymphocyte-target of interaction captured by Amnis ImageStream

  • Drosophila eye with red omatidia

    SEM of a Normal Drosophila Eye

    With red omatidia, pseudo colored

  • SEM of an Osteoclast

    SEM of an Osteoclast

    Leaving a resorption pit on a bone wafer

  • TEM of Bone

    TEM of Bone (pseudo colored)

    S. aureus (gold) infection and adjacent Neutrophils (pink)

  • Lily anther pollen

    Lily anther pollen

    Image provided by the Light Microscopy SRL

Upcoming Events

2014 Western New York Flow Users Group 

July 16, 8:30 am - 4 pm.  To register and learn more about this event, see the WNYFUG website.

Multi-Day Imaging Opportunity

The Light Microscopy SRL will be hosting an Olympus CV1000 microscope from July 18 to August 18.  This instrument is a spinning disk confocal microscope within an incubator and is typically used for imaging live experiments.  Contact Linda Callahan for more information or if you have an interest in using the microscope.