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URMC / Research / Center for Advanced Light Microscopy and Nanoscopy (CALMN)

Welcome to the Center for Advanced Light Microscopy and Nanoscopy

Mission: The mission of the URMC Center for Advanced Light Microscopy and Nanoscopy (CALMN) is to provide state-of-the-art microscopy imaging and image analysis capabilities to further biomedical and bio-optical research.

High-end quantitative imaging capabilities: The CALMN lab provides access to high end confocal LSM, laser microdissection, conventional brightfield, immunofluorescence and multiphoton microscopy. The CALMN provides assistance with all imaging procedures, aids in customizing staining protocols, provides UR researchers the ability and expertise to obtain high quality imaging-based data from tissue, culture, and materials-based research studies and professional, customized assistance in image analysis to support high quality quantitative imaging and publications. 

Core Instruments:

  •       Abberior STED
  •       Nikon A1R HD with TIRF
  •       Olympus FVMPE-RS with 2 lasers
  •       Olympus FV1000 LSM
  •       Zeiss Palm MicroBeam Laser Microdissection
  •       Keyence BZ-X800 Epifluorescence Microscopes
  •       Imaris and Amira/Avizo for Image Analysis

Open to all: Our services are available to all investigators within the University as well as academic or commercial/industrial institutions in the region.

CALMN is housed in the 4.7500 area of the medical center.