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URMC / Research / Electron Microscopy

Welcome to the Electron Microscopy Shared Resource Laboratory

Routine Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy (TEM & SEM) Services

The goal of the Electron Microscopy Shared Resource Laboratory (EM-SRL) is to support investigators in their pursuit of studies involving electron microscopy at the lowest possible hourly fee.

Investigators can examine their research specimens on a Hitachi 7650 transmission electron microscope as the real-time digital image is displayed on a computer monitor. The size of each digital image captured is 7 MB and is saved as a TIFF or JPEG file. Each photography session’s digital files are saved and shared via URMC BOX.

The EM-SRL can also perform Scanning Electron Microscopy on any specimen type using a Zeiss Auriga SEM.

To arrange a consultation, please contact the Director, or by phone at (585) 275-1954 (office).

Cryo-Electron Microscopy Services

With the installation of a FEI Talos 120C electron microscope in June of 2020, the electron microscopy core can now support cryo-electron microscopy projects. 

We offer screening at the negative stain and initial vitrification stages for single particle analysis (SPA) as well as preliminary data collection on proteins and/or complexes (MW > ~150 kDa).  Outside of SPA, vitrification can be utilized to view other specimens in a more native state.  Examples include exosomes, virus-like particles (VLPs) or nano-materials (nano-particles and tubules) which have traditionally been imaged dehydrated following negative stain. 

Samples are imaged with a 16 MP CMOS camera and can be acquired both manually or automated depending on the project.

To arrange a consultation, please contact the Cryo Facility Manager, or by phone at (585) 275-9996 (office).

Lab fax: (585) 756-5337
Location: Medical School basement (elevators with yellow diamonds)
Intramural address: Pathology, Box 626