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Welcome to the Electron Microscopy Shared Resource Laboratory

The goal of the Electron Microscopy Shared Resource Laboratory is to support investigators in their pursuit of studies involving electron microscopy at the lowest possible hourly fee. Investigators can examine their research specimens on the Hitachi TEM with Karen Bentley as the real-time digital image is displayed on a computer monitor.

The size of each digital image captured is 7 MB and is saved as a TIFF or JPEG file. Each photography session’s digital files are saved and transferred onto a USB jump stick. Our laboratory can also perform Scanning Electron Microscopy on any specimen type.

For questions related to Renal Electron Microscopy on patient biopsies, please visit the Renal Pathology and Electron Microscopy (EM) Laboratory.

To arrange a consultation, please contact Karen Bentley via email or by phone at (585) 275-1954 (office).

Lab fax: (585) 756-5337
Location: Medical School basement (elevators with yellow diamonds)
Intramural address: Pathology, Box 626