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Educational Programs in Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

Developments in clinical and research laboratories must be shared with the next generation. Faculty teach in our array of educational programs that include a robust residency training program, post-residency fellowships, the Ph.D. program, postdoctoral fellowships, and medical student required courses and electives. The department also maintains a longstanding year-out medical student fellowship. 


Residency Program

The University of Rochester Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine trains exceptional residents for practice in the rapidly evolving field of anatomic and clinical pathology.


Residency Program

Fellowship and Instructor Programs

We offer 11 post-residency training programs, including Dermatopathology, Cytopathology, GI/Hepatobiliary, and a first-of-its-kind Laboratory Directorship training program.

Post-Residency Programs

Ph.D. Program

The Ph.D. program in cellular and molecular pathology is a multidisciplinary program with faculty mentors from across the university. The curriculum includes an emphasis on clinical as well as basic science topics.

Ph.D. Program

Clinical/Medical Technology Advanced Certificate

This full-time program prepares students for professional careers in clinical laboratory science. Students will complete both didactic and clinical experiences (preceptorships).


Advanced Certificate

Phlebotomy Training

UR Medicine Labs is pleased to offer a 7-week phlebotomy certification course that combines clinical and didactic instruction.






Phlebotomy Training

William B. Hawkins Post-Sophomore Fellowship for Medical Students

URSMD medical students serve as junior members of the department, participating in clinical and research rotations. An excellent experience to introduce students to pathology, no matter whether they aim to become pathologists or not.

Post-Sophomore Fellowship

Pre-College Program

The "Explorations in Pathology" pre-college program offers high school students a unique experience exploring the multifaceted discipline of pathology, a cornerstone of modern medicine.

Pre-College Program

Postdoctoral Research Fellowships

Departmental investigators are always interested in hearing from individuals with a doctoral degree and a background in a shared research area. Explore potential options.

Postdoctoral Research Fellowships

PathEd Spotlight

Bruce Smoller, M.D., Professor and Chair

Winner of the Eric A. Schenk Award for Excellence in Teaching presented by our residents for his outstanding contributions as a teacher for the 2020-2021 academic year!

Thank you for exemplifying the educational standards set by Dr. Schenk!

Nichole Mulyca, MLSCM (ASCP), NYS Licensed Clinical Laboratory Technologist and Microbiology Clinical Instructor

Winner of the Tai C. Kwong Excellence in Teaching Award presented by the CMT Program Class of 2021 for her passion for mentoring and educating future medical technologists.

Thank you for your service as a role model for the future professional and demonstration of commitment and excellence in teaching!

Shaelyn Earley, NYS Licensed Clinical Laboratory Technologist

Winner of the Judy Miller Aspiring Leader Award. Nominated by the education coordinators of the CMT Program for her high competency, academic success and positive influence on her fellow CMT Class of 2021.

Thank you for demonstrating excellence, teamwork and integrity in all aspects of laboratory science and patient care!

Additional Educational Opportunities


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