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Common Questions: Recovery

Q: What equipment will I need at home?

A: If you have hip or knee replacement surgery, you will need a raised toilet seat and standard walker. A tub bench and grab bars in the tub or shower are helpful too. Your occupational therapist may also recommend a reacher, a sock aid, a long handled shoe horn, elastic shoelaces and a long-handled sponge or back brush

Q: Will I need physical and occupational therapy at home?

A: You will need both. Your home care coordinator will arrange for a physical therapist to provide therapy. An occupational therapist will assess your ability to manage your daily living activities and guide you through hygiene, dressing and homemaking skills while following your hip precautions.

Q: When can I drive myself?

A: You may not drive after joint replacement surgery until cleared by your surgeon.

Q: When can I go back to work after joint replacement?

A: You may go back to work when approved by your surgeon—usually 6 weeks for non-physical work and 12 weeks for more strenuous jobs.

Q: When can I have sexual intercourse?

A: You can usually resume sexual intercourse after 3 to 6 weeks. You occupational therapist can share a guide on sexual intercourse and discuss it with you upon request.

Q: What activities may I participate in after recovery?

A: You should discuss specific activities with you surgeon, but you are encouraged to participate in low impact activities such as walking, dancing, golfing, hiking, swimming, bowling, bicycling, boating and gardening as soon as you feel able.


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