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The Highland Breast Imaging Center Difference

The Highland Breast Imaging Center in Rochester, NY, is one of the few all-digital, full-service breast imaging and diagnostic centers in the area. We're committed to providing highly personalized quality service to all women.

  • Breast imaging is all we do. That means we're expert in the reading and interpretation of mammograms (accurate readings can translate into fewer unneeded biopsies and fewer missed cancers).

  • Our technologists have 10 to 30 years' experience in mammography.

  • Our radiologists have specialized in mammography for decades and are on the forefront of emerging technologies. In fact, they are active in research, working to advance the state of the art of breast care.

  • We offer fast, convenient all-digital mammography for better detection, fewer callbacks and same-day results.

  • Our Computer Aided Detection (CAD) technology provides a "double check" to identify abnormalities.

  • On-site ultrasound provides advanced diagnostics when needed.

  • A high field MRI with dedicated breast coil, which is especially useful for screening women with dense breast tissue or breast implants, is available at Strong Memorial Hospital.

  • An on-site stereotactic table allows physicians to precisely locate suspect breast tissue with computer-guided imaging to perform a needle biopsy with minimum discomfort and recovery time.

  • Our Imaging Center staff and their clients are backed by the full expertise of the University of Rochester Medical Center, including the James P. Wilmot Cancer Center.

  • We also offer on-site bone mineral density testing (DEXA scans) for your convenience.


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