Heart Failure Center - Inpatient Unit

Heart Failure Center at Highland HospitalA few of our many distinctive services include our unique Heart Failure Center, a highly specialized inpatient cardiac unit designed for the care of complex cardiovascular patients.

To complement this care, we offer each patient a follow-up visit within three days of hospital discharge.

What is Unique About Treatment at a Dedicated Heart Failure Center?

Nationally, one in five patients hospitalized with heart failure return to the hospital within a week after discharge. Our unique proactive approach is based on the latest scientific treatment guidelines.

Patient-specific goals are created to measure individual progress throughout the day. If the patient does not meet his/her goals, the care plan is proactively modified, instead of waiting for a patient’s status to deteriorate and thereby experience more advanced symptoms.

The Highland Heart Failure Center is also designed to prepare patients for optimal success in the outpatient setting. By concentrating resources – including staff and cardiac testing – and centralizing patients we are able to expedite care, decrease length of hospital stay and reduce hospital readmissions.

Compared to the national average of over 20% - 25% readmission rate within 30 days after hospital discharge, to date the patients discharged from the Highland Hospital Heart Failure Center enjoy a < 8% readmission rate.


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