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Accurate information is extremely important in making decisions about hip surgery. The orthopaedic surgeons at the Evarts Joint Center will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation and will help you choose the treatment plan that is right for you. Evarts is a referral center for the most complex hip replacements, and is the only center in the area offering hip arthroscopy and osteotomy. We have the widest range of treatment options in Upstate New York. If you already have a plan in place, we're happy to give you another opinion.

Hip Surgery

Hip Replacement may provide the greatest hope for ending your pain from arthritis or injury and restoring mobility. There are four main parts to the prosthetic hip. Your surgeon will select the parts that are best for you. They include: a cup-shaped device that replaces your hip socket, a liner that fits in the cup, a ball that replaces the head of your thigh bone, and a stem that fits inside your thigh bone for stability. These different parts are made from a variety of materials including titanium, metal alloys, high grade plastics, or ceramics.

Hip Resurfacing is an effective solution for some younger and athletic people because the procedure preserves more bone. Its not usually preformed in women because of issues related to bone density. The head of the femur is shaved and fit with a metal cap, rather than removed, as in hip replacement surgery. The hip socket is replaced with a cup-shaped device. After recovery, patients can sometimes resume impact activities such as running or karate.

Hip Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure during which a surgeon inserts narrow tubes through small incisions in the skin — each about one inch long. Surgical instruments and a camera lens are threaded through the tubes. A camera transmits a view of your joint to a video monitor, and the surgeon watches a monitor while performing the procedure. This type of procedure can be used to remove lose fragments, bone spurs, and/or repair damaged ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and inflamed joint linings that are causing pain. Patients who have arthroscopic surgery can typically resume normal activities within weeks.

Revision Hip Surgery is the replacement of an artificial joint because of loosening, fracture, bone loss, or wear of an implant.

Hip Osteotomy is a procedure that cuts and realigns the pelvis and/or the thigh bone (femur) to correct a deformity.

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