Geriatrics & Aging

VA Healthcare Network of Upstate New York VISN2

Geriatric services are provided by several Division faculty practicing at the Canandaigua VA Medical Center and its affiliate, the Rochester VA Outpatient Clinic as well as the Bath VA Medical Center. The Canandaigua and Rochester facilities are part of the VA Healthcare Network of Upstate New York and have provided both inpatient and outpatient care to veterans living in upstate New York since 1933. The VA Medical Center provides a full range of geriatric related health care programs and services focusing on dementia and palliative care, adult day health, community and home based primary care, domiciliary and nursing home care.

Home based primary care providers work closely with the staff at the Rochester VA Outpatient Clinic. Patients who suffer from chronic medical conditions and find it difficult to leave their home, may be eligible for this service. The program also offers tele-homecare service for homebound veterans. Referrals are accepted from veterans, medical professionals or other community agencies.

The VA Medical Center has also recently been designated as a VA Center of Excellence for research and education of mental health issues. The National VA Suicide/Crisis Hotline Call Center is also located on the Canandaigua campus.