Plastic Surgery

Facial Waxing

Now you can be free of embarrassing facial hair without the need for chemical depilatories, tweezing, shaving or electrolysis. Our clinical aesthetician uses a completely safe wax to gently and effectively remove unwanted hair from your chin, upper lip and other parts of your face – as well as to give your eyebrows a perfect shape. In addition to discouraging new hair growth, our waxing services will leave your face feeling silky smooth! And there’s no unpleasant odor or harsh chemicals that can cause allergic reactions or rashes.

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The URMC Division of Plastic Surgery is pleased to announce we have recently moved to our new Aesthetic Center, located at 160 Sawgrass Drive, Rochester, NY.

We have a wide variety of payment options available for any procedure you with to have.

Some important guidelines to follow for choosing the most qualified plastic surgeon.