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Behavioral Intervention for Families Program

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Many children with developmental delays have behavior challenges. Often, parenting strategies used with other children do not work as well. This program is an organized way for parents to learn how to teach their child positive behaviors and reduce the frequency of challenging behaviors.

Parents Meeting with a Specialist

Who Can We Help?

Children ages 2 - 16 with developmental delays or disabilities.

Parents or caregivers who can regularly attend sessions, complete home assignments, and make changes in their parenting practices.

This program is not appropriate for children with

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Sessions are held at our Developmental and Behavioral Pediatric Clinic (Kirch Developmental Services Center).

The parents and the child first meet with a behavior specialist for a behavioral assessment. Then, the parents meet with us for 6 - 14 weekly sessions to learn behavior strategies. Parents are asked to practice what they have learned and monitor their child's behavior between sessions.

Session Topics

  • General behavior principles
  • Teaching child to follow instructions
  • Preventing difficult behavior
  • Schedules and visual supports
  • Ignoring and consequences
  • Teaching new behaviors


This program may be covered by insurance, grant funding, or self-pay. Some children may be eligible to participate in parent training research projects. Our team works with families to identify the best sources of funding for each family.

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Behavioral Intervention for Families Program