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Going to the Doctor

  • Doctor listening to a patient's heart

    Today, I will go to see the doctor. The doctor's job is to make sure that I am healthy!

  • Patient playing with toys

    When we get to the doctor's office, I will check in at the front desk.

    Then I will wait in the waiting room until it is my turn. There are fun toys to play with!

    When my name is called, it is my turn.

  • A person standing on a scale

    The doctor will ask me to take off my shoes. Then the doctor will ask me to step on a scale. This shows everyone how big I am getting!

  • Ruler next to a tree

    The doctor will ask me to stand against the wall. I will stand up straight. This will show the doctor how tall I am!

    When the doctor tells me to, I can put my shoes back on.

  • Thermometer

    The doctor might ask me to sit on the table. This is okay. Being up high helps the doctor see me better.

    Next, the doctor will check my temperature. The doctor will also shine a light in my ears, nose, and eyes. I will sit still.

  • Stethoscope

    The doctor will use their stethoscope. This is to listen to my heart and lungs. I am being brave!

  • Blood pressure cuff on a patient's arm

    Sometimes, the doctor will put a blood pressure cuff on my arm. The cuff will give my arm a hug!

  • Person smiling

    While I am with the doctor, they may also look at different parts of my body. I will listen to the doctor and be patient.

    Soon I will be all done. Everyone will be so proud to see how brave I am!

  • Doctor standing

    If I am scared, I can practice this at home. This will help me get ready for the doctor!

  • UR Medicine/Golisano Children's Hospital Lockup

    This social story is brought to you by Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at Golisano Childrens Hospital.

    Sandy Strong and four of her friends

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