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Golisano Children's Hospital / News / New Center to Help with Pediatric COVID-19 Testing


UR Medicine Golisano Children’s Hospital Launches New Center to Help with Pediatric COVID-19 Testing

coronavirusIn an effort to help schools and primary care practices with the high volume of children requiring COVID-19 tests, UR Medicine Golisano Children’s Hospital have launched a new referral-based COVID testing center with 24-48 hour results, allowing faster return to school for children who present with COVID-like symptoms.

The site is not a walk-in clinic and requires a healthcare provider issue an order for testing. Site staff will communicate results directly to the family and school, with signed consent.

Located at Southview Commons and open Monday-Friday, the testing center has been operational since October 13, 2021. This program is part of an overall collaborative community strategy, led by primary care pediatric and family medicine practices and supported by the healthcare systems, county departments of health, and schools, to ensure appropriate assessment and COVID testing is in place to keep children safe and in school.

“Balancing work, school and life demands is difficult in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. In an effort to help families manage common childhood illnesses and minimize time lost from work, school, or child care, UR Medicine Golisano Children’s Hospital is offering a dedicated team and site to have children tested for COVID-19.” said Neil Herendeen, M.D., professor in the Department of General Pediatrics at URMC. “Many children need to be evaluated by their healthcare provider for illness symptoms and some practices have testing available. Parents’ first step is to talk to their child’s primary care office to decide the best course of action.”