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Telephones and Television

Rate for Combined Television and Telephone Services

The rate for combined television and telephone services is $7/day with a maximum of $15 per admission for pediatric patients. This includes unlimited local usage of the telephone and an expanded variety of cable channels and local channels. Billing stops after 3 days of television and telephone rental service per visit

Charges for these services can be placed on your:

  • Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard)
  • Home Telephone Bill
    There is a one-time activation fee of $4.25 per hospital stay, to place the charges on your home telephone bill. There is no additional fee if you use a credit card or pre-paid rental card.
  • Pre-paid Rental Card
    A pre-paid rental card may be used at any time to reduce the amount due on your bill. Pre-paid card amounts will be deducted from your bill upon discharge. Pre-paid rental cards are available at the pre-paid rental card machine located on Strong Memorial Hospital’s first floor in the vending area of the House of Six Nations cafeteria. Pre-paid rental cards are available in $1, $7, $14, and $15 denominations. Pre-paid cards end rental at noon on the following day.
    Note: This machine does not provide change. Use exact change only.

Activate Your Bedside Television and Telephone Service

  • Inside the hospital, dial 1-5000 and follow the instructions to activate services.
  • After completing the activation process (or if you are transferred to another room), dial 5-2181 to get your room’s direct telephone number to receive incoming calls

Once you have activated your service, you can call 1-5000 and change billing options or stop service at any time. Your television and telephone service will automatically be cancelled at discharge.

Special Needs

Call ext. 5-0142 from a hospital phone or (585) 275-0142 from an outside phone to request amplified phones or a TTY.

Patient Education

Strong Memorial Hospital provides educational channels on Closed Circuit TV 24 hours a day at no charge. These offerings include health information and family programming. Scroll down to the desired program, jot down the number, then dial 7-0039 and follow the instructions. You will be instructed to tune into one of the channels from 47-56. The menu can be found on Channel 53 (Channel 54 for Spanish).

Telephone Dialing Instructions

  • Local Calls: Dial 9 + Number
  • Long Distance: Dial 9 + 0 + Area Code + Number. Long distance calls must be charged to your home/business telephone, credit card, calling card or a third party, or you may call collect.
  • Long Distance Calling Cards: Available at the Cashier's Office, the Gift Shop, and from the rental card machine located on Strong Memorial Hospital's first floor in the vending area of the House of Six Nations cafeteria.

Family and friends may reach you by calling Patient Information at (585) 275-2181. Once they know your extension, they can call you directly, by dialing (585) 275-7575 and entering your phone extension.

Telephone and Television Repair Service

If you experience problems with your service, call 5-2181. Repairs will be made within 24 hours, except on weekends and holidays.