Employee Wellness
For employees who are healthier. And happier.

An evidence-based and measurable approach to employee wellness.

Most organizations have an employee wellness program. But very few know if their program actually works. UR Medicine provides a very different approach.

Evidenced-based wellness. Developed at the University of Rochester, one of the nation's leading research universities.

Skilled, professional team. Includes registered nurses, certified wellness coaches, nutritionists, fitness specialists, and more.

Customized to your organization. Goals, implementation plan and website are all customized to your company's needs.

Advanced technology and infrastructure. Secure, confidential system makes wellness accessible and simple for both employees and administrators.

Measurable at every step. See what's working, and what could work better, for the biggest impact on your employees and your company.

Knowledge and expertise. Over a decade of experience helping organizations achieve measurable changes in employee wellness.

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