Accountable Health Partners
For trusted partners in your health.

A robust and integrated network delivering better care at lower cost.

Accountable Health Partners (AHP) offers a broad network of high-quality physicians and hospitals that work together to improve quality, access and affordability.

  • Nearly 2,000 providers and eight of the region’s leading hospitals:
    • Strong Memorial Hospital
    • Highland Hospital
    • F.F. Thompson Hospital
    • Noyes Memorial Hospital
    • Jones Memorial Hospital
    • Arnot-Ogden Medical Center
    • Wyoming County Community Hospital
    • St. James Mercy Hospital.
  • A full array of services from pediatrics and primary care, to advanced surgery, to chronic disease management.
  • Enhanced access for your employees, so they can get the care they need quickly.
  • The tools and resources to help providers deliver better care at lower cost:
    • Dashboards to enable physicians to monitor your employees' health
    • Reports that identify areas of need,like overdue vaccinations
    • Care Managers who are trained to assess the needs of your employees and work with them for the best possible outcomes
    • Patient-Centered Medical Home—a model for providing care that focuses on keeping your employees healthy, as well as treating them when they are sick or hurt
    • Cost containment programs tailored to your employees and your experience
    • Enhanced call center services that enable your employees to find an AHP physician and to enhance the benefits AHP provides
    • An employee webportal on the AHP website, with helpful tools and information

For more information, call 585-758-7823 or visit our website.