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Administrative Core


The Administrative Core serves as the main coordination hub of a fully integrated system of four scientific cores that support the crucial work of 105 UR-IDDRC investigators currently prosecuting 202 basic, translational and clinical research projects in the domain of IDD research. These cores are: Human Phenotyping & Recruitment (HPR); Translational Neuroimaging & Neurophysiology (TNN); Cell & Molecular Imaging (CMI); and Animal Behavior and Neurophysiology (ABN).

The ADM is supported by five key advisory committees that provide crucial input regarding ongoing functioning of the center. These are: (a) The Executive Committee; (b) The External Advisory Board; (c) The Parent and Community Advisory Board; (d) The Internal Advisory Board; and (e) The Core Facilities Management Committee. We stand committed to a clear-eyed purpose, that through our science, we will endeavor each and every day to remove impediments facing people with IDD that prevent them from living the healthiest, most fulfilling lives possible


The Administrative Core leadership team has identified five thematic research clusters that serve to coalesce our portfolio into a coherent well-articulated IDD program, and around which we will build our future. These five research foci emerged organically from analysis of the myriad IDD research activities currently underway at the University of Rochester; they embrace key and established research strengths at our institution while also seeking to expand our program into important areas of concern to the larger IDD community.

  1. Rare & Orphaned Diseases of Neurodevelopment;
  2. Parental Stress & Early Life Exposure as Determinants of Brain Development;
  3. Neuroinflammatory Mechanisms in Pathological Brain Development;
  4. Autism Spectrum Disorder; and
  5. Multisensory & Sensorimotor Integration.