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About Us

Who We Are

Under the leadership of Dr. Webster Pilcher and Dr. Brad Mahon, the Program for Translational Brain Mapping brings together clinicians and scientists at the University of Rochester committed to the vision of advancing patient care through personalized brain mapping.

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What We Do

Through the study of both neurologically normal individuals, and individuals with brain lesions, we are able to learn a great deal about the various processes occurring in our brains on a daily basis. The goal of this research program is to develop cognitive and neural models for the cognitive processes that underlie our ability to speak, think, and interact with the world.

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How We're Able To Do It

The Translational Brain Mapping Program is made possible by generous philanthropic contributions to the Department of Neurosurgery, by research grants from the National Institute of Health (NINDS grants NS089609, NS076176; NEI grant R01EY028535) and the National Science foundation (1349042) to Dr. Brad Mahon, and by a partnership with the Head for the Cure Foundation.

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