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Selected Publications

  • Garcea, F.E., Chernoff, B.L., Diamond, B., Lewis., W., Sims, M., Tomlinson, S., Teghipco, A., Belkhir, R., Smith, S., Stone, J., Liu, L., Tollefson, T., Langfitt, J., Marvin, E., Pilcher, W.H., & Mahon, B.Z. (2017). Direct electrical stimulation of the human brain disrupts music processing. Current Biology.
  • ​Paul, D.A., Gaffin-Cahn, E., Hintz, E.B., Adeclat, G.J., Zhu, T., Williams, Z.R., Vates, G.E., & Mahon, B.Z. (2014). White matter changes linked to visual recovery after nerve decompression. Science Translational Medicine, 6, 1-12. Download PDF Reprint
  • Stasenko, A., Bonn, C., Teghipco, A., Garcea, F.E., Sweet, C., Dombovy, M., McDonough, J., and Mahon, B.Z. (2015). A causal test of the motor theory of speech perception: a case of impaired speech production and spared speech perception. Cognitive Neuropsychology, 32, 38-57. Download PDF Reprint
  • Stasenko, A., Garcea, F.E., Dombovy, M., & Mahon, B.Z. (2014). When concepts lose their color: A case of object color knowledge impairment. Cortex, 58, 217-238. Download PDF Reprint
  • Garcea, F.E., Dombovy, M., & Mahon, B.Z. (2013). Preserved tool knowledge in the context of impaired action knowledge: Implications for models of semantic memory. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 7, 1-18. Download PDF Reprint

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