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Thin Flap LASIK

Thin Flap LASIK Improves Visual Outcomes & Safety Versus Traditional LASIK

The ultimate goal of laser vision correction is to provide vision that is clear and in focus, thereby eliminating or reducing one’s dependence on his or her current contact lenses or glasses. Dr. MacRae has recently been involved in creating a new technique and the associated hardware for making the flap common to the LASIK procedure thinner. Under his guidance the Swiss laser maker Zeimer has developed the technology to create LASIK flaps of 90 or 100 microns — or less than 1/10th of a millimeter!

The Ziemer femtosecond laser uses a low energy laser to make small bubbles at a precise depth in the cornea. These "small bubbles" allow Dr. MacRae to reliably separate the delicate tissues of the cornea at the shallowest depth possible prior to him applying the laser that will correct a person's vision. This thin flap method results in the largest possible treatment zone available to patients offered by any technology. The advantages —over traditional LASIK —of thinner flaps and a larger optical treatment zone are several.

  • Improved night time vision
  • Better optics make vision for sports and recreational activities more precise and enjoyable
  • The process leaves more corneal tissue behind allowing for better corneal stability and safety

Thin flap LASIK using our Ziemer femtosecond laser is available exclusively through Dr. MacRae at the Flaum Eye Institute. If you’d like to learn more about this amazing new technology and Dr. MacRae's expertise, call us or join us for our next educational seminar.