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Ziemer Femto LDV Laser

“All-Laser LASIK” with the Ziemer Femto LDV

LDV Image

The first step during LASIK surgery is to create a thin flap of tissue on the front of the eye to expose the inner tissue of the cornea where the actual re-sculpting is performed to improve your vision. Until recently, a mechanical instrument known as a microkeratome has been used to create this flap. These instruments are accurate, safe and reliable but there is a greater degree of variability in the thickness of the flap created. Precise flap thickness is important for eye health and safety. Dr. MacRae has carefully tracked the thousands of surgeries done with his microkeratomes and is confident with their safety.

A different technology known as a Femtosecond Laser is now available to create the corneal flap. We use this technology exclusively for all LASIK procedures unless otherwise indicated. This is a different laser system than is used to re-sculpt the cornea. The femtosecond laser potentially increases accuracy and safety when creating the corneal flap.

Our new Ziemer Femto LDV solid-state laser system is a very low energy, ultra-fast and highly accurate laser that is precisely focused on a specific layer of the cornea. Millions of microscopic laser pulses are painlessly applied in less than 30 seconds separating the corneal layers creating a flap with minimal inflammation and virtually no discomfort. Once the flap is created, Dr. MacRae can easily lift it out of the way and apply the treatment laser.

create LDV flap

The design of the flap made by the Femto LDV allows it to reposition accurately and heal quickly after treatment. This results in a very healthy, stable cornea with less risk of flap displacement during the initial weeks after surgery.

The Femto LDV provides control of flap thickness. This is very important for patients with thinner corneas. There may also be less risk in creating a flap in an eye with an unusual contour or those corneas at risk for complications secondary to prolonged dryness or contact lens wear. Some patients will not be candidates for the Femto LDV, for those patients PRK may be a safer treatment option.

Unlike earlier femtosecond lasers for flap creation, the Femto LDV’s low energy and high speed reduces inflammation and corneal swelling allowing for a more rapid and comfortable visual recovery. The Femto LDV flap may also heal more quickly than those created with other lasers and be easier to lift if re-treatment is necessary for improved vision.

All-Laser LASIK with the Ziemer Femto LDV and our Technolas Zyoptix 217z100 excimer laser with Zyoptix Customized Ablation treatment software allows Flaum Eye Institute Refractive Surgery Center to offer the highest quality refractive surgical experience in the region. During your initial evaluation, your doctor will discuss whether All-Laser LASIK is right for you.